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Tori Letzler is a Los Angeles based composer, vocalist, and electronic producer using her diverse talents and eclectic experiences to create compelling music for multimedia.

Tori composed the music for Netflix's Russian spy sci-fi thriller In from the Cold, crafting a synth-heavy score inspired by the 90's industrial movement combined with soft and weirdly affected vocals. She also scored the animated short Fetch on Disney+ through Disney Animation's Short Circuit program. In 2018, she produced 'The Future is Female' concert in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by BMI & Live Nation, highlighting the musical work of twelve female composers including herself.

As a sound designer, Tori has created custom sample packs & presets using synthesizers and her trademark cinematic vocals for the likes of Yamaha, Noise Engineering, and Splice. She is also credited as an additional synth programmer on Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel and an additional synth designer for CW's Batwoman television series.

As a vocalist, Tori has sung on over 40 scores from heavyweight composers such Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Lorne Balfe, Rupert Gregson-Williams, and more on major productions such as Wonder Woman, Batman vs. Superman, The Tomorrow War, and American Horror Story.

Growing up in NYC, she joined The Metropolitan Opera's Children's Choir at age 9. Following that, she toured internationally as a vocalist for Cirque Du Soleil before attending Berklee College of Music.

Tori is continuously releasing electronic music under her alias TINYKVT.

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